A Shifted Solution
We create software that allows you to discover, test, and master concepts through dynamic interactions rather than traditional, passive learning modalities. Improve your situational comprehension as you learn from each individual play experience and build your decision-making skills to expert levels as you become more and more familiar with complex scenarios.  
For the individual or the enterprise, a shyfted solution delivers a profoundly engaging experience that connects you to the technological worlds you seek to explore.
We are dedicated to realizing human potential by uniting humanity with technology crafted to de-mystify complexity.

shyfted seeks to empower individuals, families, and communities throughout the world to confidently utilize technology, safely and securely, in order to become healthier and more prosperous.

By Humans, for Humans
Some feel that humans are inherently the weakest link in the information security chain. It’s time to shift. We cannot continue to address human error as a critical inhibitor of modern technologies simply by creating tools that remove live operators from the equation.

shyfted, we believe the human element is not only the key to successful technology, but crucial to the success of the human condition. We’ve united some of the brightest designers, engineers, and researchers in the world and utilize the very latest data and human behavioral scientific methods to develop software solutions that improve the way humans interact with complex or unfamiliar information.

It’s Time to Shift
We're bringing humans back
Technology / Human Perspective